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View the full list Chances are that by the time you enter college in the United States, the closest thing you’ve had to reproductive education was watching an uncomfortable video in health class, maybe even before you went through puberty. Many college freshmen arrive on campus with only a cursory middle- or high school “sex ed” class in their background.It might not have answered your questions and perhaps led to some misguided assumptions about your body. And some students arrive on campus having no prior school-based sexual education at all.It’s not easy to talk to your doctor about a yeast infection when you feel uncomfortable using the word vagina. ” It’s as if penis and menstruation are bad words that cannot possibly be discussed with others.I’ve studied reproductive health for many years, and working in a reproductive biology lab in the middle of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Northwestern University obviously means I overhear countless questions and concerns people have about their own reproductive health – though, of course, people don’t call it their “reproductive health.” I hear people say things like “I have something going on down there. And if you Google the words “penis” or “fallopian tube” or “vagina,” you get to places on the web that can be confusing at best or unsavory at worst, when all you are trying to find out is, “what does this mean?Wenn Du jetzt mit sexy Frauen aus Deutschland chatten mchtest, dann schau Dich hier um. Hier triffst du auf deutsche Telefonsex Huren mit Bild, die keine Hemmungen haben, dir deine versautesten Sex Wnsche am Telefon und vor der Webcam zu erfllen.

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Also, young men might not realize that alcohol and steroid use can have both long- and short-term ramifications in their sex lives.

” I realized there was dire need for accurate, reliable information regarding sexual and reproductive health – the kind of facts that many students rarely get in high school health classes.