Outlook cached mode not updating gal

21-Oct-2017 18:25

So far I've concluded that this is because I am using Cache mode.

When I use Outlook 2007 on our terminal server (which doesn't use cache mode), the GAL is updated, and when I use Outlook Web Access, the GAL is updated.

How can I PUSH the updates to the laptops from the server?

And if I can't push it, how long is the default for the GAL to get updated?

It can take up to 24 hours before all clients have the new or updated accounts in their Address Book.

To resolve this you can disable Outlook cache mode, however this will remove the benefits it provides.

For more information about how to edit a GPO, see Editing a GPO.

The problem you are facing is that by default the OAB is updated once per day.

So adding a distribution list will show up in Outlook in cached mode the day after (as long as the Outlook client either restarts or a manual download of OAB is done).

However, when they log on to the Remote Desktop server, their files are copied as part of their profiles. In this case, it is best to keep Cached Exchange Mode for the clients but disable it for the Remote Desktop server.

To do this, on a Group Policy object (GPO) that is specific for Terminal Servers, set the Use Cached Exchange Mode for new and existing Outlook profiles policy setting to Disabled.Thanks all, Dave Or even pulling them from Outlook.Why, when I initiate a "Download Address Book" it doesn't pick up the newly added user?The Global Address List (GAL) does not update on a Outlook client despite changes/new addresses appearing on other machines.

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