Outlook quota information not updating

27-Jun-2017 00:06

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It seems that changes she makes to her inbox are not being made server side.For example, if an email is deleted or moved to a different folder then according to the server that email is still in the inbox.This first came to light when a new PC was provisioned for this employee and they logged into Outlook.The inbox had literally thousands of emails in, all of which had been handled and cleared away previously.See if the user can login and see all the email, move an email to another folder then check in Outlook.If the email has been moved but Outlook does not see it, I woudl move her mailbox to another database.If you still get the message after deleting a lot of items from Outlook after doing this, you either need to delete more or the changes did not sync up.Log into the account using OWA and verify the changes synced back to the server.

Newer versions of Outlook can display the Exchange mailbox quota in the Status bar.

If you reach the quota, you’ll probably get an automated message informing you about the quotas as well When you have access to Outlook on the Web or OWA then you can also lookup your mailbox size and quota there.

Note: Ask your Exchange administrator if you don’t know the URL for Outlook Web Access for your company or want to know which version you are using.

A user complained that he kept getting a message saying his Exchange server mailbox was full.

He cleaned out some old mail but could not eliminate the warning message.

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