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The level of interest in Ann comes from a genuine place. The authenticity of Ann and Leslie's friendship largely comes from the audience seeing the roots of it.In the pilot episode, Leslie pledges to help a nurse and Pawnee resident named Ann Perkins fill the giant pit next to her home.AND THEN EVERYONE GETS FOOD POISONING AHH SO GROSS HAVING BRIDESMAIDS FLASHBACKS.“Smells like some vomit took a dump in here,” reports Tom, who was spared this plague, like an Israelite with blood painted in his doorway, because he never eats what he Instagrams.Tom drops some wisdom on us all: “Haverford rule No. “I don’t know who Ann Taylor is, but I hate her and I want to kill her.” My girl Donna, in an echo of her “but it is my least favorite shirt” gem, decrees that one suit “is terrible, but it is slightly less terrible than the other ones.” Mrs.6: never eat anything with a sauce I have to dip in myself. I’m not your maiiiid.” Let me get that visual/smell-sual out of your head with the thought of delicious wedding waffles as catered by J. Dwyer’s efforts to channel Leslie — “As Eleanor Roosevelt once said to Betty Ford, Hillary Clinton is great! In addition to being funny and charming, the show about Leslie Knope and her co-workers in Pawnee, Indiana, really understood genuine female friendship.Whether it was between Leslie and best friend, Ann Perkins, or the various other female characters, presented friendship as a fully fleshed-out concept: difficult at times, but ultimately positive.

“My idea of a perfect family does not require a soul mate,” Ann says. ’ because that is literally the only scenario in which that would make sense to me.” Leslie has had, shall we say, difficulties with acceptance in the past, but her ability to overcome those steamrolling impulses has brought us some of the best moments in the series: her embrace of April’s Pawnee Commons park-building ambitions, her support of the Dwyer marriage, and, lest we forget, the Best Kiss on TV Ever No Offense Nick And Jess From New Girl Last Week.Ann could look for a donor in Eagleton, but she doesn’t want a demon-baby.With a taste of a poison paradise On his hunt for a wedding caterer, Ben brings along a panel of experts: Ron the meat man, Chris the veggie guy, and Tom the “foodie” who just Instagrams everything. Obviously what will happen is all these parties will disagree with each other and you’ll be left to make a decision on your own. Despite minus points for predictability, this scene wins a gold star for all the awesome food quips.Whether it's finding her friend a man or something more personal, like helping her decide on a sperm donor during the season five episode "Ann's Decision," she's often helping Ann out somehow.

She doesn't always do it perfectly, but Leslie's heart is in the right place.Maintaining friendships isn't always fun, though; like relationships, it presents both hills and valleys.In the third season episode "The Fight," Leslie and Ann get wasted at a club and grow increasingly irritated with each other.To show what we mean, we've collected up seven way the show nailed real relationships between women. Only someone as truly invested in the well-being of other people could make ridiculous lines like "You're a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox" feel like the kindest words ever shared between friends.