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15-Jan-2018 22:28

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She claims that on a weekend in August, he was under the influence of alcohol during a kayaking trip with the kids.

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Maloof also alleges that Nassif has been irresponsible when caring for the children.

Give back this season by donating to children’s hospital, so they can have a happy holiday and Merry Christmas.” Maloof and her family have been dealing with a lot of stress lately, having to evacuate their home because of the wild fires spreading across California.

Fortunately, Maloof and her kids have been able to return to their home, which was not harmed in the fires.

What’s more, she claims, Nassif “carries a gun inhis briefcase, which he leaves unlocked …

[and] the children are afraid of him.” Court documents show that Nassif has since turned in the gun to the Beverly Hills Police Department.

In 2004, a tax lien was also processed against De Jong, a mother of three, in the amount of ,014, and was released in Sept. PHOTOS: Real Housewives Show Off Their Hot Bodies In Bikinis As Radar previously reported, Nassif and Maloof went through one of the nastiest divorces in Hollywood and are not on friendly terms with each other.