Percentage of online dating marriages that end in divorce vickie guerrero dating

29-Jan-2017 06:51

College-educated men and women married at older ages compared with their counterparts who had fewer years of schooling.

In addition, marriages of women were more likely to end in divorce, as were marriages that began at younger ages.Using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 (NLSY79)—a survey of people born during the 1957–1964 period—this study examines the marriage and divorce patterns for a cohort of young baby boomers up to age 46.In particular, the study focuses on differences in marriage and divorce patterns by educational attainment and by age at marriage.Men and women who did not complete high school were less likely to marry than were men and women with more education.

Men who earned a bachelor’s degree were more likely to marry than men with less education.

This paper considers differences by gender and by racial/ethnic group but focuses on differences across education groups and by age of marriage.

What percentage of marriages end in divorce. What percentage of marriages in the United States that arise from online dating end in divorce?… continue reading »

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