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The auctioneer stated: 'We are not at liberty to reveal the name, but it is a family that would not care to be listed as part of the Florodora Sextet.' What a story O. "Although this image of New York City's Broadway is simply dated "1920," let's examine it a bit more closely.It appears to be early afternoon, judging by the angle of shadows cast by pedestrians and street lamps, and the theaters and signage places us at the corner of East 38th Street --- looking uptown along Broadway.You can see the white walls with gray trim – how much lighter the house looks than the Barn.When the house was first built as a greenhouse, it used to end with the French doors – seen on the left. To turn it into a guest house, another room was added to the back of this front room, reached through the three sets of French doors.

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And no, there is no table with just a lone Swedish toy horse. The front room with its wood floors painted to resemble marble.

People come over and complain that it looks like an antique store in my house, it’s way too cluttered. He has a few acres – and a few houses that he moved there or built.

Pigeon_John-Pigeon_John_Is_Clueless-2001. Pigeon_John-Is_Dating_Your_Sister-Retail-2003-FTD.… continue reading »

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Feb 17, 2007. The productions in place at the time this photograph was taken suggests that it's date of origin is 1919 --- specifically July or August of 1919, and not 1920. Starring John and Gilbert Hare, along with Irene Vanbrugh, "The Gay Lord Quex" closed after a furtive sixty-seven performances, but would attempt a.… continue reading »

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His independent debut album, "Pigeon John is Clueless" has sold over 11,000 copies out the trunk so far. Now, in 2003, the future is here! PJ's 2nd solo album, "Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister" is making it's way to stores nationwide. In this project, he blends melody with rhythm, heartbreak with hip hop, and washes away.… continue reading »

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Aug 30, 2003. Every once in a blue moon an artist comes along that is so interesting that they demand attention. PJ is one of these artists. His ability to blend beautifu.… continue reading »

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May 21, 2014. Change your paint color if you discover you like the new lighter colors better – but don't repaint just because everyone else is. Resist that trendy Sputnik chandelier that is all over the magazines if it doesn't speak to you! A classic crystal chandelier will never go out of date – EVER. Don't use rugs if you don't.… continue reading »

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Dec 31, 2017. It's theatre that you move through in your mind, receiving continual new information about the situation you've been asked to imagine. And the new. This Three Sisters is set in a kind of aircraft-hangar-y mess hall for the NATO troops stationed in Lithuania a very real and present thing. The three sisters.… continue reading »

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