Pisces dating a capricorn

17-Dec-2017 14:33

This zodiac sign wants consistency and financial responsibility.

However, a horoscope for Capricorn will warn, "don't be too bossy." As dreamers, erotic games and role play are favorites of Pisces. Imagination, not the business world, holds the key to success for Pisces.

But, although Capricorn loves very deeply, (s)he doesn't show it as much as Pisces would like to.

To a Capricorn's mind, the fact that (s)he loves you is proven enough by what (s)he does, so, little Fish, you will often long for the words you need so much.

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Next to a Capricorn, a Pisces has the chance to thrive, socially and financially.This is precisely the point that the relationship could stumble at, because while Pisces prefers buying a painting that inspires him/her, Capricorn will knit his/her brows at it and will take Pisces to the household section, thinking of buying a new refrigerator!Sexually, Capricorn is an artist, so be prepared for a real show.Astrologically, this long-term relationship is refreshing. These two zodiac signs are a perfect mix of stability and romance.

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