Pisces male dating advice

11-Feb-2018 00:37

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Even though I usually have a smile on my face and remain the utmost positive, I will have a day or two out of the year where I'll need a shoulder to lean on. Mostly just negative people and extremely low cut v-neck t-shirts. I'm 5'7", 190 lbs, in good physical shape and health. I have hazel eyes and a few tattoo's on my chest and arms. I'd like to correspond with a similar minded lady to share some laughs and smiles. I stay active and keep in shape like anyone else would. I like to keep my mind sharp so I either do crosswords or read some kind of book. Anyways, I really look forward to cooking whenever I can and Saturday's for some reason. There's probably more about me but I guess you'll just have to ask me. I'm a self taught artist, I also like to write poetry and lyrics, I love music and movies.

Since I've been in I have learned how to make lanyards and other crafty accessories out of beads. I keep the sides of my head clean shaven and the rest braided. Looks and race doesn't make a difference and doesn't matter to me. I'm looking for a lady 40 - 60 years old who is straightforward, honest and has good communication skills. Anything to do with art and creativity will peak my interest. I'm a 25 year old Metis male from British Columbia although I'm serving the rest of my time in Donnacona. Even if not by blood relations, family is family like real is real. I like to laugh and I don't take myself to serious.

I strive for success and knowledge is important to me, so while on parole I want to go to college and work towards a career.

I've been single for 2 years after a relationship of 5 years ended. I've been in the pen now for 10 years serving a life sentence.

Well, I'm looking for a real cool chick to get to know. I enjoy making money and spending time with friends and family. I'm a smart guy, I enjoy reading and doing puzzles like sudoku and crosswords. I usually make the right decisions but something happened and I kinda went off for a bit. I'm a positive and outgoing man, creative and ambitious and I'm fun to talk to. I'm trying to create a new life for myself and change it in positive ways.

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If you're interested in getting to know me, please write. As of right now I am awaiting my appeal and I'm looking for a companion to help surpass my time and to help me stay mentally and emotionally strong. I'm a fun loving guy with a positive attitude towards everything and life in general. I don't like drugs or tattoos and have no bad habits or diseases. Slim build at 205 lbs, I play basketball and work out.So don't be shy, take a chance and holla at a brother. I like having a good time, going to the club, dancing, raves and music festivals. I love all types of music and cultures and I like learning and experiencing new things.I try to do something everyday to improve myself and my quality of life through reading, exercise and education.I'm a hard worker and put 100% into all that I'm passionate about, including love, life and friendships.

I have many qualities I'm excited to share and very excited to learn about your qualities, interests and passions. I'm 27 years old, I've been in jail since 2013 and my stat release date is in 2019. C., I love going to the beach, sunshine, snow boarding, camping and taking my puppy for a walk.

I would love to hear from someone willing to start a friendship. I was in remand for 32 months as of December / 2016 and I have recently been transferred to Pacific to begin my federal sentence. I am a respectful, open minded, motivated, adventurous, determined, optimistic and family orientated person. My favorite TV programs are Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory. To whoever I meet from this website in the near future, you can call me "Sunny"!

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