Plesk awstats not updating

27-Jan-2017 03:13

I am pointing the common reasons why the stats can fail to update and will add more reasons when I come across them.

If Awstats not updating automatically then obviously you will have to update it manually.

This can be done from c Panel or command line and the option to choose depends on your choice/preference.

We have identified the stats configuration file for the domain under evaluation.

This typically happens due to cronjob(scheduled task) changes between the old and new paths.

Update awstats in Plesk Manually. To update stats manually for a domain, you can run the following command. Replace the “” with the domain name.… continue reading »

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How to fix AWStats when it does not generate statistics. Make scheduled tasks in Plesk that do steps 6 and 7 every night. Backup the configuration file.… continue reading »

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Crontab looks fine awstats not updating. I have this line in the central /etc/crontab file. The awstats_script scans all config files in your /etc.… continue reading »

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Sometimes you may get a problem that the Awstats not updating automatically in cPanel. Let us see how to update the Awstat manually and the fix the issue.… continue reading »

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