Plex thumbnails not updating

11-Jun-2017 05:03

Now we need to tell Plex to overwrite the cached metadata: a) Open Plex Media Manager (Click the Plex icon at the top of the screen, then click Media Manager) b) Find the Movie with the partially downloaded artwork, right click and choose ‘Fix Incorrect Match’ c) All you need to do in this step is select a different movie, it doesn’t matter what it is , as long as it is different.

Also, make sure you remember what the correct match was! Tell Plex to download the correct metadata for the Movie: a) Find the Movie with the partially downloaded artwork in Media Manager, right click and choose ‘Fix Incorrect Match’ again c) Now select the correct movie, Plex will now re-download the correct metadata, including a new copy of the artwork!

PNG the Constellation app is even smaller it seems....

Besides the media itself, the most important element of a media server software is how up to date it is–you can’t watch videos if the server doesn’t know they’re there.

Plex Media Server offers three ways to keep your media collection up to date so you always know what’s available.

There are three components to the Plex Media Server experience.

my plex plugin does not work now for some reason (might be that the new beta release broke it somehow, it worked last month with no issues other than the pictures) cover art and thumbnails is such a huge part of the user experience and without those the experience is sadly degraded. will use it alot more now as the user experience is getting better! if you are talking about the config file then the new beta release does not have one in its zip folder.

i grabbed the plex plugin logs for you and uploaded them here to mega: https://nz/#F! ka Ud Pc5vx_y UZ0nxidsr SQ if you need a pastbin or whatever (really dont like that site TBH) i can do so. its using the old version of what you have and patches it with a .... but i thought that just made the changes you wanted and stated you wanted in the config file at your plex forums.

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official pplex app (aspect ratio is the same both ways i hold device) LRLN/0602e778ca. PNG — Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub japanesemediamanager#6 (comment) .

i uploaded the xml file to the same folder as i linked before. didnt see it :( used profile 2 as profile 1 got loads of crap on it that doesnt make a difference (just filter groups of the H kind) the result is the same for both xml files when loading. these lines: startup Okey, this version is behind the current beta here (old), is a snapshot of the lastest working version in the plex forum, so, you should install that version instead the beta here.

EDIT: pasting the XML content here will not display correctly in the preview of the comment, thats why i uploaded it instead, might be for the better tho as you can use Note or whatever as you wish : D also to note, when clicking the links that is shown in that XML only the background art that is tagged as art work and nothing that is tagged and thumb. tried removing the 1.0 from those links and i get: "endpoint not found" So. After that please overwrite the with the one in this file. Cd N-fm05l G2Av MZRAqjqitgj Ui4wn L1DTHp Oi Z7ZSp Y In the meantime, i'll compile the current branch and check. i can now navigate and watch stuff, only loads in the video itself and background art and codec info.

This fix finds the location of the Plex metadata for the movie with the corrupt thumbnail, then simply removes it and forces Plex to download a new copy of the metadata.

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It is fairly straightforward, but a little tricky, so please read each step carefully and use copy and past on the provided commands to avoid never displays cover art on folder and groups or for series and movies in those never displays thumbnails either and info text is displayed wrongly with unneeded code and links (dont re call right now TBH.) background pictures and fanart does show tho for some weird reason. The problem seems to reside in JMM Server, could you upload the JMM server log, after testing a few thumbs urls? this have been my main issue for not supporting the plugin as much as i did in the start. really dont know why its not responding, tho it might be the new beta version of JMM.Close down the previous terminal window and run this command in the new window: Obviously replacing everything in between the quotes with the guid you go when you ran your SQL query.