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Find out how Hubble works, read up on cutting-edge cosmological discoveries, and play interactive games.SETI Institute org The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence's Web site offers a wealth of information on the organization's projects and conferences and the SETI Radio network, which has been the basis of SETI's search for alien life since it was founded in 1984.Tour the Solar System org/wgbh/nova/space/Explore the planets, visit the moon, and gaze at the stars in this 3-D interactive model of the solar system.(Program not available for streaming.) In "Origins: Where are the Aliens?The Planetary Society planetary.org/ The Planetary Society is a nongovernmental organization for space advocacy.

Check out a "brain crater" on Mars, the colorful clouds of Rho Ophiuchi interstellar cloud, and more.

Keck Observatory Laura Kraft Henry Seidman Levenson Tim Mangini Joseph Mc Master Stephanie Munroe Palomar Observatory Princeton Computer Science Department Princeton University Wolfgang Rueckner Katha Seidman Ben Shedd Elizabeth Stachow Sun Microsystems Eagle Nebula apparel provided by and Cafe Grant Wallace Animation by Dan Maas, Maas Digital LLC © 2002 Cornell University All rights reserved.

This work was performed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, sponsored by the United States Government under Prime Contract #NAS7-1407 between the California Institute of Technology and NASA.

Science: it's given us the framework to help make wireless communications clear. Major funding for "Origins" is provided by the National Science Foundation, America's investment in the future.

Additional funding is provided by the NASA Office of Space Science, the Alfred P.Sloan Foundation to Enhance Public Understanding of Science and Technology, and the George D. Major funding for NOVA is also provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by PBS viewers like you. Anyone who visits New York City will see all manner of different life forms.And you don't have to look far to realize that our planet is teeming with a diverse population of living creatures.Evolution org/wgbh/evolution This companion Web site to PBS' 2001 miniseries examines the complex topic of evolution from a variety of angles and considers the effect of the idea of evolution on human society and culture.