Ps3 trophy list not updating italian men dating tips

25-Sep-2017 22:23

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Sony has said they are working to fix the error, “We hope to resolve this problem within the next 24 hours.” Update: Several sites are reporting that the error seems to have fixed itself and games are working again. on PS3 (yes I realize we're 7 years late.) When we started the game we were told to update, but we were so eager to play we decided to forego what we thought would be a lengthy download.If we really needed it, we'd make a new save file and quickly grab it. After playing for a while we hit two other trophies whose criteria we had not met earlier.They were Beginner Fortune Hunter and 10 Headshots.The next time we started the game, we were happy to know that trophy support had been added.Looking through the list of available trophies we saw that there was one we already qualified for, and another we could earn momentarily.Will Sony have to implement a similar hardware exchange?

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But what about those games where you've only earned one or two Trophies? "0 per cent is really the only way to maintain the sanctity of Play Station Trophies, which we fiercely guard," SCEA's Scott Mc Carthy explained on the Play Station Blog.

Since Sunday afternoon, Play Station 3 consoles have been unable to log on to the Play Station Network and unable to play certain games following a flawed software update. But with over 20 million older “fat” versions susceptible, what is Sony’s advice?

Mar 12, 2015. Why Will PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Restrict Trophy Removal to Titles at 0 Per Cent. You could 'hide' certain games on PS3 but you can't on PS4. Bit daft. I want to keep my Trophies from games where I've got 1%-5%, I just want to remove the game from the damn list, surely that's not too difficult is it?… continue reading »

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Dec 4, 2017. I don't understand why you guys are adding all of the new content but not adding new trophies. For trophy hunters like myself this is a big let-down. I've gotten all of the achievements on Steam, PS3 and PS4. The trophies will not make any sense now, as there are new events and bosses. I hope this is.… continue reading »

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