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29-Apr-2017 08:56

Have you always approached difficult situations with humor?

I grew up in a household that just had a baseline very dark sense of humor.

Yeah, this gets to the subject of people hating on over-sharers and confessional writing. I used to really not understand the appeal of it at all.

I think our site [The Gloss] was one of the of Cat Marnell.

Do you think that’s been a source of some misreadings?

I’m kind of concerned that the agenda that people see is jokes that maybe fell flat.

For me, the project was always like, “Oh, fuck, I have to write this book, and I’m gonna come up with a bunch of stories that I think are worth telling, or worth writing an essay about.” I very much did not set out with an agenda, and it’s strange to me that people are quick to identify an agenda where there is none.

You write about sensitive subjects – sexual predators and infidelity, for example – but weave in a lot of jokes, almost like a standup routine.

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You automatically feel like you’re revealing yourself to not be very funny. Memoir is troubling because, often times, people approach first person essays with a seriousness that I don’t really understand.We sat down with Cardiff at Shayz Lounge in Greenpoint – scene of a distasteful interaction had with an e-cigarette-smoking pickup artist in ?I’ve been surprised by the extent to which people see themselves in whatever you do.Although Alex is envy of The Timmerman Brothers dating his tutor Jesse, in real life, Jesse is Alex's cousin (and the series creator and show runner's niece) and The Timmerman Brothers are Alex's cousins and thus Jesse's brothers and cousin.

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