Questions to ask yourself before dating a girl

15-Oct-2017 17:38

They may still love you but the relationship will be lopsided, and lopsided equals unhealthy, equals unsustainable. If that list is also super short, you don’t have enough to build something. Okay, here it is, the question you really need to ask. I’m sure you have many more great questions you ask yourself.

Thoughtfulness equals connection: If they are not thoughtful, they’re not connecting. You are investing in a whole self-sustaining person.Does he have plans to serve God and the church in some way?Is he focused on the achievement of temporal success or eternal significance?If he can't pinpoint the time of his conversion, or at least the time frame in which it occurred, then it might not have ever happened. Is he counting on his good deeds, religious rituals, and winning smile to get to heaven, or does he describe coming to the point of recognizing his sinfulness, turning from his own path in life, and receiving Christ as his forgiver and leader?

Jul 6, 2015. During the beginning stages of a relationship, when everything is all rainbows and butterflies, flaws can keep things interesting. You may be fascinated as to why your new boyfriend has turned one year into six of living at home and “working on his n… continue reading »

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Apr 7, 2014. Someone you'll inevitably invest a lot of time into should be an overall positive influence on and addition to your life. If you've been dating past the three-month mark, you should have a good idea of who this person is by now. They should make us happier to be around, even when they're not around.… continue reading »

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Aug 9, 2015. I'd like to share with you four critical questions I now ask myself when I begin dating someone, as well as throughout a more developed relationship. I keep these questions in mind just to make sure I'm staying grounded in my truth and navigating the relationship from the best possible space. 1. Am I being.… continue reading »

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