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28-Feb-2018 11:07

I am confused at this point on why my markup and code behind is not touching the Row Updating event when Update button is clicked. I subsequently changed the code behind to explicitly bind to the product table during Row Cancel and Row Edit events.

I also don't understand when I select the grid View control and look at the events in the Properties window of Visual Studio 2010 why I see all the proper event procedures listed for each event I expect to use. The Row Update event will load a copy of the product table from the database after successfully updating a row.

Find Control("txt Name"), Text Box) txt Name1 = CType(row.

To String) End Try End Sub If txt Name Is Not Nothing Then 'txt Name was successfully not nothing 'you can use it without experiencing a Null Reference Exception Else 'something went wrong and txt Name does not exist End If Are you sure that the IDs of the Text Boxes are correct?

The Edit, Delete and Insert events work as I expect. The markup and code behind are as follows: Hi cpkilekofp; I removed the Insert command button and put in an event for Command to see if the Update button press in the grid View control would trigger the Command event - it did not. My markup and code look as follows and the Update event is not firing: With’s project management tool, you can see what everyone on your team is working in a single glance. The routine loading of the product table now happens only on the first pass through the code behind.

Its intuitive dashboards are customizable, so you can create systems that work for you. Data Bind in the Row Command when the Edit Command is invoked and removed it from Row Editing. The code works as I intended it to (and is listed below).

This is becoming so frustrating it's getting almost comical. Breakpoints were triggered for the Row Editing and Row Command. Hire the best, collaborate easily, pay securely, and get projects done right.

David I suggested that the Row Updating function was being blocked by the . Data Bind() in the Row Command event so that only the Edit command will activate it (take it out of Row Editing). Twice for Row Command (1 for Row Editing and 1 for Row Canceling) and once for Row Editing. I am going to try and create this not as a web application but rather as a website and see if I notice any differences.

To cancel the update operation, set the collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.

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w=440&h=340" width="440" height="340" srcset=" w=440&h=340 440w, w=150&h=116 150w, w=300&h=232 300w," sizes="(max-width: 440px) 100vw, 440px" / El método Row Canceling Edit se produce cuando se hace clic en el botón Cancelar de una fila en modo de edición, pero antes de que la fila salga del modo de edición y en code-behind quedaría de esta manera : Fig.3 Edición de registros " data-medium-file="

Find Control("txt Name2"), Text Box) txtname3 = CType(row. Text & "')", con) da = New My Sql Data Adapter(cmd) cmd.

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Row Updating Try Dim txt Name, txt Name1, txt Name2, txtname3 As New Text Box Dim row As Grid View Row = Grid View1. Find Control("txt Name1"), Text Box) txt Name2 = CType(row.

I have tried to not override in control and instead use delegates like I described in ...