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17-Jan-2018 21:27

When you think about it, most of us have at least slightly different personalities on-line.

I've known plenty of people who are shy IRL but gregarious online, or fumbling IRL but eloquent online, or friendly IRL but confrontational online, etc.

So in many ways, many people are different people when they post anyway.

(I think I'll ask about this on MPSIMS.) Nobody really cares who here has penises or wombs (or neither or both) except on the flirting thread, so whether you call yourself male or female online is more reflective of your gender (the roles you play) than your sex (your biology.) If a man wants to act online in ways that society calls feminine, and wants to be treated in those roles, I think it would be more accurate for her to call herself "she".

Because I think that if your friend's friend was pretending to be a woman in a sex chat room, then he was probably doing it just "for kicks", like he said, to see what would happen.

I don't think it's a sign of a serious dysfunction.

I wanted to become known around, and then see if people could tell.

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I used to go in there and assume a female identity and poke fun at all the poor dumbsticks. There was a certain ironic thrill in having a woman commiserating with me about all the idiot men pretending to be women. I never tried to seriously deceive anyone or swap emails or anything like that.

I wonder if psychologically it is akin to crossdressing, another activity which has never held any particular allure for me.

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