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04-Dec-2017 10:37

I wasn't sure I believed him, so a few days later I went searching on Craigslist, and, sure enough, I found dozens of ads from white men claiming to be on the Down Low.

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''We know there are black gay rappers, black gay athletes, but they're all on the DL,'' Rakeem, a black gay man from Atlanta, told me three years ago when I interviewed him for my Down Low story.And now, in a sure sign of the DL's cultural currency, white boys—apparently unsatisfied with having co-opted hip-hop—are claiming to be on the "Down Low," too.I knew nothing of this until two months ago, when I met my first white guy who claimed to be "on the DL." He was 24, tall, masculine, attractive, and said "bro" a lot.But the Down Low was a uniquely African-American creation.

Types of Female Partners Reported by Black Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women MSMW and Associations with Intercourse Frequency, Unprotected Sex. of key informants and community groups, advertising through various print and online media, and the use of chat room outreach and social networking sites.… continue reading »

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Thoughts on “Top Black Party Lines”. Darius Johnson says March 17, 2016 at am. If I had to choose, I would say Vibeline is the best. I've tried them all, Metrovibe, YummyVibe, and Hollarline are allright, but Vibeline is where the party's at. Reply. Dave Beck says October 8, 2017 at pm. It is the best the girls are.… continue reading »

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