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The rule of ‘unquestioning obedience’ applies not only to the slave girls, but to the employees of dr Lomp too. Lady Jenny returns in this film which features two discipline sessions.An elegant beautiful secretary makes a mistake, and fully pays for it. In the first one a chubby lady is brought before Mr Lomp.It was a woman around 25 years of age accompanied by a child of some 6 to 12 months of age. Evidence of the primordial origin of female shamans is shown by the excavated burials. As a global phenomenon shamanism was by hunter-gatherers for thousands of years implying “…it is reasonable to infer that shamanic practices must in some way, be reflected in the material record (Pearson, 2002). However, just because shamanism describes the religion of the tribes of the Urals-Altaic region, it does not deny that the practice of shamanism also occurs in more or less complete forms elsewhere (Mac Culloch, 1918). The Amazons met Jason and his crew in full battle array as they were wont to kill male visitors.The grave goods and artefacts comprised those assumed to have a ritualistic and shamanic function. Such burials have been found dating from the 5th century before the present. Not only is shamanism attested archaeologically but also Palaeolithic art was thus “…the particular expression of shamanic cosmology and social relations as it existed at a given time and in a given period.” (Lewis-Williams, 1997). Another interpretation of the meaning of ‘saman’ is also from the Tungus describing “…a person who moved between different worlds on supernatural errands (Pearson, 2002) Shamanism occurred all over the ancient world (Matthews, 1991), and is an animistic belief that “…presupposes an elemental force in all objects which can be dominated by a greater force…” (Guirand, 1982). One of the tasks or labours imposed on Heracles by Eurystheus was to obtain the magic girdle of the Amazon queen Hippolyta.She is sent there by her employees because they found her guilty in various matters. He invites Gaby Bouttal over to clean it but the girl fails to greet him properly. We will learn from the film whether she can please her torturer orally while getting caned or not. She doesn’t have any illusions: she knows that a lot of humiliation and whipping are awaiting her.

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That said, it should be noted that Europeans were also commonly killed off by the diseases they brought to the New World.

Several factors contributed to this: first, Europeans had been the caretakers of domestic animals for thousands of years, and had over time grown (somewhat) immune to the common diseases that accompanied the domestication of such food sources.

Native Americans, on the other hand, were largely hunters and gatherers, and even in some domestication cases, it’s thought exposure was limited.

There was no significant exchange of germs between llamas and people.

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Second, Europeans lived in more densely populated areas than Native Americans.Descriptions of female shamans describe these women “…as invokers, healers, herbalists, oracles and diviners, ecstatic dancers, shape-shifters, shamanic journeyers, and priestesses of the ancestors.” (Dashu, 2006). In Siberia, in the steppes and central regions, the female shaman possessed greater power than the male shaman and “…in general the feminine element plays a very prominent role in sorcery among the Yakuts.2 (Maddox, 1941). There are further examples of hybrid figures as hunters or shamans occupying territory between the human and animal world (Grazioli, 1960). In other words we have a religious system where shamans, as intermediaries, act between supernatural entities and earthbound humans. The Specific Character of North American Shamanism. It was Queen Hippolyta who owned the magic girdle given to her by her father Ares.Female shamans or ‘shamankas’, are located among the Tungus people, the Buriats, Yakuts, Ostyaks, and among the Kamchadals “…the place of the shaman was usually taken by especially gifted old women.” (Mac Culloch, 1918). Female shamans are found in Tibet and Afghanistan, with female in Japan, and an Aleut ivory statuette (1816) depicting a “…woman shaman wearing an animal mask.” (Dashu, 2006). There is also comparative evidence for shamans using birds as tutelary spirits or spirit helpers for shamanic ritual (Davenport, 1988), for example the Lascaux ‘man and bison’. Yupik Shaman In religious terms shamans are a class of polytheists (employing shamanistic and worldwide religious practitioners who “…imitate trance states, generally called altered states of consciousness (ASC), for the purpose of communing with spirits (Jones, 2006). Queen Thalestris is the Amazon mentioned in the Alexander the Great legend.When so many humans live together in relatively close quarters (particularly with lack of good, or any, sewage systems and the like), disease spreads quickly with the general population continually getting exposed to numerous pathogens.

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