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14-Feb-2018 20:33

From work to the gym to the bar, my schedule is crammed full of things that help me forget that I am sometimes horridly lonely.Like everyone, sex can slide down my list of priorities without me even realising.

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This is especially true of her first casual hookup.

At some point during all of this emotional processing, or immediately afterwards, her logical and responsible self-steps in to ask the question, “Were you responsible?

” Worried both about becoming pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease, this is a vitally important question that must be answered right away. If there was a lot of alcohol involved during the evening, this might be a difficult question to answer.

If not, this can be an ongoing nagging issue that can become a significant cause of worry as time passes.

Finally, if the evening went well, if the sex was great, and if she is still attracted to her one-night stand partner in the morning, a woman might begin to consider what’s next.The orgasm is not necessarily the pinnacle of sexual enjoyment, there's the emotional fulfillment of feeling sexually accomplished (having a man's pleasure totally at your mercy is kind of empowering) and sexual desire is far more complex than one validatory factor can account for.Science may simply blame my menstrual cycle for influencing my sexual motivation.During the ovulatory phase women report increased sexual desire and arousal, with a preference for short-term partners. The City Concierge Company is a home supplies agency that will deliver a post-ONS care package to wherever you are in London within one hour: a freshly ironed shirt, some deodorant, a toothbrush, paracetamol, and a Red Bull.

Below are some of the questions guys ask themselves when it comes to deciding if they want their one night stand to be something more. #1 Was the sex. Sex isn't the only way to a man's heart, but it is a sure fire way to capture his attention and make him want to stick around for a while to see what happens. #2 Was she.… continue reading »

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Quotes have been tagged as one-night-stand Cora Carmack 'It wasn't until I'd walked halfway across the parking lot that I realized 1. I wasn't wear.… continue reading »

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