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Instead of a conventional Windows 'Start' button, Chromebooks have an Android-like app menu that pops out of the bottom task bar but most of the tiles just lead to online tools or websites.

More apps can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and they will be kept up to date automatically, avoiding the need to download and install time-consuming software patches.

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However, web analytics firm Net Market Share recently monitored worldwide usage of Google's Chrome OS and found that the percentage of web traffic from Chromebooks was roughly 2/100 of one percent, a figure too small to earn Chromebooks place on its reports.Printing is also a bit of an issue on Chromebooks as it must be done through an online service called Cloud Print.If the user does not have a 'Cloud Print' printer then they have to go onto a different Windows or OS X machine and connect the printer to the Chromebook from there.Chromebooks are designed to boot in a fraction of the amount of time that it takes for traditional laptops to get up and running.

For example, the Acer C7 Chromebook takes less than eight seconds to boot up and the Samsung Chromebook takes less than ten seconds to boot up, while laptops running on Windows or OS X often take more than 30 seconds, according to Google.

Chromebooks come with most of the standard ports and hardware features that other laptops have but they tend to have considerably smaller hard drives.

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