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Therefore in this article I’m going try to be as clear as possible in describing the things that make indigos DIFFERENT from other people.

In the first part of the article I’ll try to define indigos, and in the second part I’ll get into listing their particular characteristics.

There’s a theory that indigos are largely governed by the third eye chakra which explains several of their traits.

Personally I tend towards thinking that “indigo” has no special significance for us and is just a name.

Being a saint in this case just means that they fully realise the fact that Love is their essence, and that Love is the only thing worth living for, and they become that.

At this stage humanity doesn’t work as a collection of isolated fragments but becomes a single being with all its parts working together for the common wellbeing.

The fact that there are people who have certain, unusual personalities is fact.

From there, you can work out what these personalities mean for you in the context of your worldview.

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I’ve evolved a lot as a person in this time and have tried to update some of the slightly negative attitudes that got into my writing back then.Note that indigo in this context is not the colour of the aura.It has been called the “life colour”, which contrasts with the aura in that it’s supposedly the colour of a person’s deeper being and not simply their general state at this point in their life.Or, if the indigo in your life happens to be someone other than you, the goal is to understand her or him as best you can and again, be better equipped to accept them as they are. The , then, is that indigos are, in general, old souls or at least souls with great spiritual depth.

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