Smart guys intimidating

29-Mar-2017 12:14

I'd rather swallow a hard truth than choke on a convenient lie: it does indeed repel some men just as the opposite repels some women. For instance, if you had a Ph D in Social Work, would you date one of the guys you were assisting? You asking this only because you working on your Ph D?I'm certainly not happy with that trend, but it is what it is. Education in that field should give you enough insight.[My girlfriends] see this in a positive light..of them wish they had more of a backbone and ask for my advice on how to emulate my demeanor." Katie: "I'm very direct.I can say no easily."Jennie: "My friends think I am intimidating because I work in a corporate business environment which would at times be associated with rigor/aggressive natured people.

I've been on this website numerous amounts of times, had many guys view my profile but seldom get messages, or much less get them back.

I am working towards a Ph D in Social Work; This makes me ask the question, are guys intimated by smart, goal oriented women?

Not at all...of us enjoy it.....unless, of course, we are not as educated, and then intimidation can occur in many many ways, and on many levels. do you offer what you seek and are you worth the time to get to know you?

But also remember that some guys might just feel threatened by an assertive woman—and that’s his problem, not yours.“An assertive and powerful woman is against a gender tradition that many still hold onto, explains licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist, Stephen Betchen, Ph. “For example, some men have trouble tolerating a woman who is more successful than they are—but we’re seeing more and more of this.

There are over 2 million more women in college today than men.”I asked Dr.

When I asked men what they consider intimidating, the most common response from the guys, was that women who they perceived as dominating attention were intimidating…but not in a good way.

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