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26-Nov-2017 03:15

I have just noticed this, when the Get Windows 10 icon shows up in my toolbar, that's when Norton Security Sonar turns on as well. Like so many other security suites NS is not ready for prime time with Windows 10. W 10 is no Big deal and it's causing a lot of issues with several of my programs.

A restart of your computer will usually correct the situation.

i can't turn them on manually and the problem goes and comes randomly!! never thought norton could give me so much frustration for a sudden issue that i didn't commit.

Tried unistalling and reinstalling many times even using the removal tool. (it came out suddenly, my pc pretty health and clean, nothing changed) If any norton employee is going to help me with this damned issue i'm sure i'll quit norton forever, and i won't suggest it to anyone.

hi Paranoia Boy When you uninstalled Norton did you use the Norton Removal Tool or just uninstalled via Windows?

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Often when uninstalling Norton or any anti-virus program it is good to do a complete removal with the respective Removal Tool provided by the Company. Michael hi michael, thanks for your reply; i tried both: unistalled it by the option ''unistall norton security'' and by using the removal tool, had the same problem.

Also, Please post a screen shot of the error message.