Sophos enterprise console update manager not updating

09-May-2017 00:52

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However at least with Adobe Flash you can find if you look hard enough a standard package file to install Flash.The final possibility and the one Sophos are pushing Mac only customers to, is to sign up for an subscription to Sophos Cloud.

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If you have no Windows Server, and can no longer use SUM, this leaves two more possibilities, first you could use the standalone SAV9 installer.

Good spot, it does get us closer but that mpkg does not contain the pre-configured auto-update settings.

To summarise if your not using Sophos Enterprise Console but want to make a package to deploy the paid for Sophos Anti-Virus 9 for Mac you do the following. Download the standalone. Since Sophos Update Manager is discontinued the only ways to distribute updates to Mac clients are \-. Configure each Mac to get.… continue reading »

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Aug 25, 2011. A quick post on this one. Sophos Antivirus was working fine. Updates were downloaded. Clients were updated. The Enterprise Console however didn't display the current statistics and showed error "An update manager has not updated since ". After many hours of browsing the Sophos Knowledge base.… continue reading »

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Aug 31, 2017. I even have a ticket open with Sophos, and I'm currently not impressed with their support. i've had better service from TrendMicro. I've upgraded the Enterprise Console back in May from 5.2.2 to 5.5.0, and haven't had a problem since. Looks like my Endpoints are still getting updates via the manager, and.… continue reading »

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Sep 6, 2017. This article describes the event when the Update Manager reports 80040401 Software update failed error in the Sophos Enterprise Console. The error code. If the above recommendations still did not resolve the updating issue, generate a Sophos Diagnostic Utility log and contact Sophos Support.… continue reading »

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With Enterprise Console version 5 onward, it is necessary to create a new user account to connect to the Sophos database, as well as manually create the SophosUpdateMgr account used by clients to check for updates. The credentials for these accounts are only required once during the setup process and will not be used.… continue reading »

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