Speed dating denmark

31-Oct-2017 17:46

The interviewers from EVRY were very happy with the quality of the candidates, who come from all over the country and with a wide variety of backgrounds and education.“Employing 100 digital talents is an important decision to ensure that EVRY will continue to be a leading environment in digitization within the Nordic region,” comments Bente Kristiansen.The candidates had 15 minutes to present themselves for eight interviewers.In addition, the candidates were free to socialize with the other candidates and EVRY employees while they waited.It seemed safe to first meet up in a casual setting with a relatively high number of other candidates, as well as several EVRY employees before the actual interview.We received good feedback on the process.” Several EVRY employees also sat down and had coffee with the candidates, who then had the opportunity to casually ask questions about how it was like to work in EVRY, as well as any other questions they might have.It’s the first ever speed dating event from seeqone.com, a service that has made it a point to attract internationals, instead of only Danes. When the evening’s host chimed the guests to attention and asked how many in the crowd didn’t speak Danish, only two men – including your dedicated Copenhagen Post intern – raised their hands.

If you got a ‘match’ – either a ‘Yes’/ ‘Yes’ or ‘Yes’ / ‘Friend’ (for a ‘Friend Match’) combination – a follow up email after the event provided the email address and phone number of your matches to facilitate further meet-ups.

Over the course of the two hours, however, which included an introduction, an intermission, and fifteen ‘dates’ lasting about five minutes a piece, the language barrier played as little a role as it does in daily life for non-Danish-speaking Copenhageners, marginally fumbling the flow of only two conversations.

And one of them was with a cop, so who’s to say it would have gone well anyway.

The only drawback of being one of few foreigners was fifteen times answering the question, “What brings you to Copenhagen?

” But fortunately the question primed my sales pitch, while other daters were left to make cold calls.

In particular, many candidates were interested to hear more about the working environment.