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Richer areas in Essex have hired private security firms to guard their streets, but the emergence of these gangs is thought to be the first-time locals have started patrolling on their own.The 80-strong anonymous Wick Patrol Group claims businesses have stopped reporting crimes to police and CCTV footage is no longer shared between firms due to police cuts.They are not to blame.'We met businesses that do not report incidents to the Police because the Police do not attend as they are understaffed.'CCTV pictures are not being shared with all retailers because the Police Retail team was disbanded last year.'The Guardian Angels could fill a massive gap here in Wickford, all we need are volunteers to make it work.'Duncan Lamont, The Guardian Angels began in 1979 and quickly expanded to other cities, welcomed by some people as a tough-minded neighborhood watch - but derided by others as loose-cannon, publicity-seeking vigilantes.By the mid-1990s, some chapters folded and the Guardian Angels' reputation took a hit when Sliwa acknowledged fabricating some of their early exploits.Simon Hope is now Chairman and remains our chief auctioneer.I look forward to meeting you face-to-face at our future sales and events and to discuss your requirements.By 2006, they had a 0,000 New York state grant to do online safety education, and by 2015 they counted about 5,000 members in 18 countries.In New York, Guardian Angels still patrol parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx regularly.

Essex Police has faced more than £47 million of cuts and lost more than 400 Police officers since 2011.

Our ability to market cars internationally is evident in our media coverage (providing millions of readers viewers for a variety of vehicles) and in the growing number of foreign buyers attending our sales.

Interest in classic car and motorcycle collecting as a hobby has never been higher and now it is also seen as one of the most accepted classes of alternative investment.

This sale at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford will be the first opportunity for a chat.

Last year we became one of just five auction houses in the world to have sold a classic car for more than 10m providing the RNLI with the biggest bequest in their history.Volunteers have no formal training, but are hoping to team up with the famous Guardian Angels, from New York, after a trial meeting last week.Crime in the Basildon district has seen an increase of 8.5 per cent between 20, with violence with injury rising by 12.1 per cent.A spokesman for Essex Police however urged locals not to take the law into their own hands and asked them to join an official initiative.