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Winlogon is designed around an interactive logon model that consists of three components: the Winlogon executable, a Graphical Identification and Authentication dynamic-link library (DLL) referred to as the GINA, and many network providers.

The structures of two files are essential to an image-based installation with Sysprep: the answer file, which automates the Mini-Setup stage of an image-based installation, and the answer file, which automates the Factory-mode stage of an image-based installation.

The System Preparation tool (Sysprep) is a technology that you can use when performing an image-based installation.

Image-based installation is a method of copying or cloning preconfigured operating systems and software applications onto destination computers.

contains a list of commands that run synchronously after the Mini-Setup stage finishes, but before a computer restarts.

Computer on which you are installing an operating system.

can be run from the command line or it can be run in the Windows graphical user interface (GUI).

must exist in the same folder on the master computer as and Factory.exe, which is typically the An answer file that you can use to automate installation tasks when a computer is started in Factory mode.

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How these components interact with each other at the various stages of an image-based installation is illustrated in the following figure.You use Setup Manager on the administrator or technician computer, and then transfer the answer file to the master computer prior to creating the disk image. You run on the master computer prior to running a disk-imaging tool to create a disk image.also runs automatically after you copy a disk image to a destination computer and then start the destination computer for the first time.Sysprep component that controls the Factory-mode stage of an image-based installation with Sysprep.

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