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The verdict is often written on a half sheet of paper and signed by the foreman of the jury. File Contains Copy of Case Territory of Washington vs. Equity cases were heard in District Court, and in such cases the rules of common law could be suspended if they proved inadequate for a just, or fair, settlement.

The case file may contain several other legal documents such as arrest warrants, subpoenas, motions by the attorneys, demurrers, affidavits, bonds, executions, and verdicts. , involved disputes in which a fair settlement was sought in such a way that would not be provided by the rules of common law.

Petition of William and Cora Gardner to Adopt Susie C. Petition of Calvin and Dora Keesling to Adopt Charles Ross and Change His Name to Arthur L. In a Civil case, the first document filed is the complaint.

It states, in the first or second paragraph, the complaint or cause of action in the case. ; Mc Clannahan, John; Bayne, Peter; Ricketts, George; Cudworth, Charles L.

Insanity cases begin with the filing of a complaint regarding an individual’s erratic behavior.

The Probate judge would issue a warrant for the individual to appear in court and be examined by a physician.

-vs- Hesselroad, Jasper File Also Contains Papers Relating to Following King County Cases: case 548, George Denny vs.

; Hildebrand, Charles ; Shields, Bert; Shields, Robert; Donovan, C.

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Adoption cases include documents such as the petition of the adoptive parents, approval of the birth parents or guardian, a request to change the name of the adopted child and the approval of the court for the adoption. The Probate Court had jurisdiction over the probate of estates and wills, the appointment of guardians, adoptions, insanity hearings and commitments, and hearing regarding habitual drunkards. In many cases the probate of an estate continued for several years, so some of the probate case files occupy several file folders. Whatcom County was established in 1854 from the northeastern portion of Island County. ; Franklin, Benjamin; Roberts, Richard; Hesselroad, J.