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14-Jun-2017 22:21

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At a WJEC GCSE English seminar in Preston on November 22, a teacher from Bolton, described how at his previous school the A to C grades had “doubled” when they moved to WJEC.

Another teacher, said that he had persuaded his school to change from AQA to the Welsh board.

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When an undercover reporter asked Geoff Gibb, the principal examiner leading the OCR’s GCSE maths seminar, about competing awarding bodies, he said: “The awarding bodies, of course although they are charities, officially designated as charities, they still want to run at a profit. He described how “Edexcel, dare I say it, has a name for being easier…

and they’re also backed by Pearsons, the publishers, so they have a huge amount of money to invest in educational support, back-up groups, a lot of material online that you can download and they also took the line that they were going to have pretty straightforward questions.

When the reporter asked what she thought of the board, the teacher, from a school in Buckinghamshire, replied: “I love them.” She added: “I found Edexcel really hard and the kids found it very hard and the grades weren’t very good.” The teacher said that grades had now improved.

When asked by how much, she replied: “Now that’s hard to say because the first, the cohorts vary…

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Ms Smith’s comments echoed those of the teachers on the history seminar.

“If your perception is that by going with one awarding body then you can achieve that rather than another one, that’s what people choose to do. I have spoken to people who have tried that, they’ve taken a group through with Edexcel and then they’ve actually found it was harder than doing OCR.

So you know, very often it’s just perception we don’t really know for sure.

At the end of the session, Mr Bushnell advised her to speak to the two teachers who were talking at the end of the session about why she should pick Edexcel for her students.

One teacher was happy with his school’s choice and said: “I’d recommend Edexcel, I find there’s a lot of clarity.

So the choice would be between AQA and Edexcel – what I’d think about Edexcel is that it’s narrowed down more, if you pay attention to the assessment objectives you can’t really go wrong. The Edexcel examiner went on to explain that coursework was where Edexcel “definitely scores; we let you do anything you want at A2 [second year of A-level].

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