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26-Feb-2017 18:06

It’s 2014, meaning we can officially be nostalgic about the early ’00s. It’s kind of funny to think about the stuff we used to do on the computer and with our phones. If you didn’t have AIM, you basically didn’t have a social life.

Growing up in the early 2000’s was kind of magical, mainly because this was a time of some major technological advances.

CNN reported the existence of the dossier but not its contents, prompting Buzz Feed to publish the document in full on its website, sparking one of the most extraordinary press conferences in living memory as Mr Trump went to war with journalists who he accused of producing “fake news” and denounced the dossier as a smear worthy of Nazi Germany. It’s absolutely not true, and I can go to the court and say this.” Mr Gubarev, who founded the Webzilla site in Florida and built an international technology empire, lives in in Cyprus with his wife and children.

Mr Gubarev’s lawsuit claims that while more than 30 publications tried to contact him after the dossier’s publication, he was not contacted by Buzz Feed for his right of reply prior to publication in a breach of conventional journalistic practice. This is why I’m ready to spend money and go to court about this,” Mr Gubarev told CNN Money in January before he filed the lawsuit. Buzz Feed said in a statement they have now removed Mr Gubarev’s name from the dossier and apologised for including it, admitting they should have redacted his name from the dossier, as they did with other individuals.

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