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not everyone was buying it, though: the expansion of agriculture in Neolithic China: of the Haihunhou tomb is almost complete: 700 years bp Ming dynasty banknote inside a Chinese sculpture: a possible 11 000 years bp astronomical observatory type thing in Australia: Evidence of island-under-a-single-ruler at Nan Madol in an ancient Polynesian tomb: A 4000 years bp child’s rattle from a Siberian burial: A 2400 years bp Siberian idol apparently underwent ‘racial realignment’ in the Middle Ages: More on 1000 years bp Japan being more ‘cosmopolitan’ than previously thought: More on the origins of Polynesians: on death-by-boomerang: Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog: New Zealand Archaeology e News: NORTH AMERICA ================================================================ Hurricane Matthew revealed some Civil War era cannonballs on a South Carolina beach: A 19th century distillery on the Kentucky River: handwritten Lincoln letter is coming to auction: the ‘worst president ever’: sc=17&f=1032 They announced the find of the de Luna settlement in Florida: …and a third de Luna shipwreck: Latest from the Castillo de San Marcos dig: There’s a new Wyandotte Nations centre: damage to the Declaration of Independence: https:// the first woman to run for president: Rethinking a misunderstood aspect of the American Revolution: https://

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Pensioner_discovers_his_bird_bath_is_2_000_year_old_Roman_pestle_and_mortar/ They’re finding interesting things when they xray Greek pottery: Interesting aspect of Indo-Roman trade: I think we mentioned this gold coin of Nero find a while back: I think we mentioned this ‘crossword puzzle’ from Smyrna: https:// …wpisrc=nl_az_most More on salt at Chaco Canyon: on that buried ‘bison feast’ from Alberta: More on that mastodon skeleton from Michigan: ================================================================ CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA ================================================================ An 8000 years bp ‘cache’ of animal bones from Mexico: Evidence of ancient dog sacrifice beneath a zoo in Peru: int_sec=11&int_new=90836 thing on the dig at El Pilar: the effects of the ‘rubber boom’ on animal life in South America: century Chinese porcelain in Acapulco: on the latest finds from Cahuachi: Feature on the discovery (a while back) of Naia: More on the tombs from Homul: https:// —– Mike Ruggeri’s Ancient Americas Breaking News: A Ancient Meso America News: ================================================================ OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST ================================================================ Interesting finds about Frankincense (spun various ways): On assorted celebrated codices: the history of the pencil: On Marcantonio Raimondi’s dubious distinction: https:// How ancient ‘spear throwers’ work: raised Roald Amundsen’s ship: of umbrage as art history a-levels were axed in the UK: …page ID=238&nid=105079&News Cat ID=375 Latest finds from the caliphate palace at Khirbat al Minya: https:// on Michal Gawlikowski’s work in Palmyra: Feature on the women of Petra: Suggestion that ancient Assyrians were rather ‘homely’: on Mosul through the ages: https:// Another feature on Gertrude Bell: Feature on Jordan’s ‘airborne monuments men’: Some ‘new’ Dead Sea Scrolls are being touted …

and questioned: Feature on the Copper Scroll: A carpet mosaic at Hisham Palace was briefly uncovered: UNESCO put out a declaration denying Jewish ties to Temple Mount with expected reaction (varies): https:// … probably related: https:// More on that ‘goddess’ figurine from Catal Huyuk: https:// on ‘Hezekiah’s toilet’: ================================================================ ANCIENT GREECE AND ROME (AND CLASSICS) ================================================================ Untouched Hellenistic burials from Mugla: and this gymnasium rental agreement: Some thoughts on those Roman coins in Japan: https:// …in case you missed it: https:// Story/roman-coins-idd-japanese-ruins-origin-baffles-42873021 on the Antikythera shipwreck: Feature on birds of ancient Rome: Feature on suggestions of Christianity at Pompeii: on Roman curses in sporting contexts: Feature on Hannibal: Feature on ancient jewellery: had a Classics Festival: Plans for Fingal Roman Fort: Hatay Mosaic is headed to Paris: page ID=238&nid=104767&News Cat ID=422 More on the virtual reconstruction of Caecilius Iucundus’ villa in Pompeii: https:// More on Roman sling bullets from Scotland: https:// on beer drinking in Cyprus: —– Latest reviews from BMCR: our blog: ================================================================ EUROPE AND THE UK ( Ireland) ================================================================ 14 000 years bp petroglyphs from a Spanish resort town: while DNA studies may have figured out the so-called ‘Higgs Bison’ mystery: https:// Possible cannibalism in Ice Age Britain: A 5000 years bp etched stone from Denmark might be some sort of map: Rodents were apparently on the menu at Skara Brae some 5000 years bp: badger unearths a 4200 years bp burial in Ireland: Iron Age remains found during an electricity project in Suffolk/Essex: A warrior burial from Poland’s Roman period: