Things to ask a girl when first dating

09-Jan-2017 18:19

If so, what do you think about pre-nuptial agreements? Do you plan on having kids, or do you want a life without any? Are you thinking about making any major residential moves in the next few years? Do you always need to be right about everything (and let people *know* you think you're right)?

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This can be a very good thing, at least when you know how to handle the test. On the one hand, she wants to see if you are man enough to address this issue, on the other hand she doesn’t want to exaggerate it because she is scared of losing you. One of the simplest first date questions you can ask in this situation is: Just don’t ask her in an angry and upset way.

Have you ever been in a serious relationship before?

What's the longest amount of time you've gone without being in a relationship?

If we end up dating, will either one of us be settling?

How will you react if I keep my guard up with you (for a little while, at least)?

How freaked would you be if I told you I already looked you up online?

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