Tim curry dating

02-Oct-2017 22:34

He has never publicly labelled his sexuality nor has there been any (reliable) evidence of Tim dating either sex. We say good for Tim for keeping his private life private and creating a career through his talent alone!

Tim had one older sister, Judith, who passed away in 2001 due to a brain tumour. Tim's mother passed away in June 1999 after a two year battle with cancer. Tim went to Birmingham University in the UK between 1965 – 1968.

Do not send anything valuable as it is not guaranteed you will ever get it back.

Although Tim does not reply to letters he has mentioned reading his fan mail in various interviews.

Rarer television is forever being added to youtube – where you can see lots of things that are unavailable to purchase.

Well, in this section, we will learn in detail about his love life, affairs and relationship, just stay with us. He was never in the gossip pages for having a long list of girlfriends.

Though never officially confirmed, they were supposed to be pretty serious about their relationship and were planning to get married. Their stint together was said to have been the initiation of their affair.

Please note Tim does not personally reply to his fan mail because of time restraints.

If you include a Stamped Addressed Envelope you may receive an autograph and if you include a photograph to be signed it may find its way back to you.

However, legend has it that Tim closed the club down after bickering between fans became unbearable and people were becoming upset.

It’s rumoured he said from that day on he would never allow another Official Fan Club to start up for the sake of everyone’s feelings and sanity.Hopefully this page will answer some of the more specific questions you may have about Tim. Also keep in mind we are giving the best possible answer we can offer as loyal and dedicated fans – the actual answers/100% fact etc may only be known by Tim himself. He may have a partner but if so there is no public reference to them either from Tim himself or any other source. To be fair, we knew you were hoping we’d answer this at number one. As Tim gets older he has discussed more aspects regarding his early life and some personal insights into his early career – but I’m afraid he remains largely a mystery.No one is sure about Tim’s sexuality apart from Tim himself and that’s the way it should stay. But hey – his professional achievements provide us with plenty to marvel at.He has been divorced once, and it was with his wife, Marcia Hurwitz.