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Sex and race, politics and religion: In the age of Obama, these things still scald, and a man's identity is still defined by the scars he carries.

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Social Clout: 2,000 Twitter Followers Twitter Handle: @youandmeforever URL: “Scary Close” is about knocking down outward barriers and being candidly yourself.

The New York Times bestseller details fear of vulnerability and the strengthened relationships that come after.

The more you play hard to get, the harder they are to get rid of.

by Ralph Ellison The growling giant of great American novels, maximalist and mythic, devoured by, and reborn in, all the craving, rage, and lunacy one nation — and a nameless young narrator — can hold.

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“A Natural History of Love” looks at love in an earthly way, honing in on human instinct of love.

Marriage is the ultimate consecration of love, but its challenges are abundant and have shown no sign of getting any less complicated.

Our 10 Best Marriage Books of 2015 might just be what gets you through your marital woes — whether you’re worried about weddings or lasting love. “Daring Greatly” is another great pick that supports vulnerability in creating lasting relationships.

Twitter Handle: @Harville Hendrix URL: The secret to love? “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” is a compilation of Gottman’s work, including many scientific studies he conducted on married couples.

Social Clout: 15.3K Twitter Followers Twitter Handle: @Gottman Inst URL: Are you always speaking before you think, spilling feelings you never really meant to release? This book explores how to express your words in a way and at a time that is constructive — and when silence might just be the better option.This love guide is about honing in on day-to-day approaches to love, like letting negativity go.Couples can take this book to heart by applying the exercises and support suggested by Dr. His wife and he have been married for more than 30 years, so he has had his fair share of figuring out the love that lasts. John Gottman outlines a systematic way to approach love and relationships so they last a lifetime.This New York Times bestseller covers everything about the reality of love, from aphrodisiacs to adultery.

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