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27-Mar-2017 11:24

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I guess its just meant to be, lol I am an Aquarius gal, and he is a Sagittarius..... We have been dating for quite some time I'd say 3 months but it feels like we have known each other for long because we enjoy the different activities we get into, even if its just lounging watching a movie we have a blast!And the fact that neither of us are clingy I guess is good on both ends.....Every time he and I see each other we always have something to talk about. I have to move to a different state, but we are still planning on MAKING it work. My friends always tell me to dump him cuz they think he is ugly and fat but I don't think so, I think he is EVERYTHING I have EVER wanted and EVERYTHING I NEED.There's just something about him that I'm drawn to... I found my self to love him very quickly, but more importantly, I FELT loved quickly. We still plan on getting married one day, and I am moving back when I get old enough to move out so we can be together. I love him so much and I never think about dumping him.Neither of us were prone to cheating, but he was very flirty and needed lots of attention from others as well.

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When we did though, the fights were as passionate as our love making, however we always managed to compromise putting each other's feelings in mind. I am an Aquarius woman and have recently begun seeing a Sagittarius male..that first night I felt like I'd known him forever...instant spark..was mind-boggling, and its even crazier that others wit our signs say they feel the same...its hard to explain, its almost like we were meant to be.Yes he is not possessive, and he is not the most cuddly, but intimacy makes me nervous, so its a great match.We do have great communication and that is something I appreciate the most.....

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If we don't talk everyday which we do just for a few seconds to hear each others voice, we always text......

If you are an Aquarius woman Sagittarius man is a perfect match for you.