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Finally, Section 7 applies the proposed method to three shards of gem-quality Sri Lanka zircons that had been previously dated with the conventional U-Th-He method.Because the U-Th-He age equation is scale invariant, it does not matter if a mineral’s U, Th, and He contents are expressed as atomic abundances or concentrations.This method is still the most widely used technique today. developed in-situ U-Th-He geochronology by laser ablation.So far, this method has been successfully applied to monazite (Boyce et al., 2006, 2009), zircon (Tripathy et al., 2010; van Soest et al., 2008), and apatite (van Soest et al., 2008).

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Third, it must not show any significant core-to-rim depletion in helium content due to diffusive loss during cooling.In its simplest form, assuming identical laser ablation rates in the standard and the unknown, the method works as follows: In practice, the standard and the unknown are combined on a pairwise basis.This is done by calculating the normalised U, Th, and He concentrations of the standard from its known age and measured Th/U ratio (Figure 1.a), and then using this normalised composition as a benchmark against which to compare the U, Th, and He signals of the unknown (Figure 1.b,c).To correct for instrument drift and plasma-induced fluctuations in the ICP-MS, the U and Th signals should be measured relative to stoichiometric Si.

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Because any analytical uncertainty in the age standard propagates into the unknown age, the choice of standard is very important.Sri Lanka zircon fulfills all these requirements and will be used to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method at the end of this paper (Section 7).Si for the ICP-MS measurements) of the standard with the corresponding signals of the unknown, to obtain three ‘scaling factors’ f U, f Th, and f He; c.In other words, the use of Equation 1 does not require U-Th-Pb concordance of the sample.

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