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we had to work with each other again in the bar, we stayed friendly and professional not letting anyone know what you do this in the case where the woman gets angry with you for doing this, or even refuses to let you stop being friends?be calm, be friendly, and give her every possible opening to say no.but no, i didn't become friend with her to get intimate, then to seduce her.ironically, the men who find themselves in this form of the friend zone have the hardest time recognizing the harm they’re doing – both to themselves and to the women that they claim to care about.if a guy is dating you, you can generally assume that he is interested in your looks and your personality.or, if it's someone you're friends with, and you're flirting, you should know them at least well enough to tell if you're making them uncomfortable.'she endangered courtney's life being reckless': ruby rose reveals the reason she broke up with ex-girlfriend harley's hard not to feel threatened by a partner's opposite-sex friend, even if you trust both partner and their friend.

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the one surefire way to avoid the friend zone is to be willing to accept that things aren’t going to happen the way you hoped and to be willing to walk away and start looking elsewhere.have to also know i come from a 4 year relationship, haven't had a girlfriend for the past 3 years to a friendship and you have friends with benefits. the way, don’t get me wrong: this is not to say that you can’t be friends with someone you’re attracted to or want to have more than just friendship want to be someone's friend, yes, do the nice things friends do for each other, and as long as they're doing the same friend-type things for you, congratulations, you've got yourself a friend.

it's not that all of my guys friends are potential suitors until they do something to fuck up….

it ended up with me being considered her "friend" because i didn't know how to make her understand i liked her, for her looks sure, but also because she was the most gentle and funny girl i've ever known.

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