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27-Aug-2017 22:20

Schools are under political pressure to cater for trans pupils, with many installing gender neutral toilets and also allowing youngsters to wear the uniform of either gender.

However, it is understood Priory School is one of the first to adopt an entirely gender neutral uniform for all pupils.

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'Mr Loughton added: 'Respecting gender sensitivities is important but it is political correctness out of control when it is at the expense of a much larger body of students, who will now lose the right to wear a traditional component of school uniform that has been standard for centuries.'If transgender students want the choice to wear trousers or skirts that is fine.'I cannot see why they should feel in anyway undermined by allowing female students to exercise the same choice too.'Surely we should encourage young people to express their individually in this day and age.Not only that, but when I said I didn't have the cash to replace them right now they've offered me the money to buy some!!'So a school strapped for cash because of government cuts has got money to replace a pair of plain black leather shoes with another identical pair of plain black leather shoes..... 'She then sent her son to Treviglas College again this morning wearing the same pair.I've sent my son off in full school uniform, all nice and new, perfectly ironed and looking smart.'Only to be told that he's being put in to detention - his plain black leather shoes are the wrong brand!

Apparently all school uniform now has to be unbranded!The school, which is rated 'good' by Ofsted, has a number of famous alumni including Daily U. Editor-at-Large Mr Morgan and Tim Loughton, Tory MP for East Worthing and Shoreham.Yesterday, Mr Morgan, who is also a Good Morning Britain presenter, told Mail Online: 'It's disappointing to see one of my old schools getting sucked into this gender neutrality nonsense, which is being driven by a tiny minority of people.'Let boys be boys and girls be girls, and stop confusing them in this ridiculous way.These caps were made of blue cloth and were decorated with a ribbon of yellow or gold on the side and thin cord of the same colour on the top.