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12-Jan-2017 11:29

The only real scenarios in which I could see anything bad happening would be if you lost power partway through (even then I'm not certain), or if your AD was already screwed to begin with (in which case you have bigger problems).

All that a schema upgrade does is extend the AD with new object classes and properties (that an application or newer version of AD can make use of), so scope for disaster is quite limited.

In the Operations Master window, click the Change button to transfer the domain naming master role to the Windows Server 2016. Verify that the Domain naming operations master is the 2016 Server.

The last role to be transferred is the Schema Master.

Note: Upgrades that switch from a Server Core installation to a Server with a Desktop installation (or vice versa) are not supported.

If the older operating system you are upgrading or converting is a Server Core installation, the result will still be a Server Core installation of the newer operating system.

Are there any problems with reactivating a DC that was offline during a schema update? You can only add new schema to AD, you can never delete anything.

For this reason you should always carefully evaluate alternatives when software requires schema extensions or updates; be sure it's something you're willing to commit to using. If you only have one DC in your forest, it's very straight forward.

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Steps will be the same for the PDC and Infrastructure tabs as shown below: PDC has been changed to the SVR2016-02. Close the Active Directory Users and Computers console when done.Now to verify that we’ve completed the transfer of all the FSMO roles to Windows Server 2016 Active Directory, launch a command prompt and type netdom query FSMO and hit enter.Verify that all the operations masters are in the Windows Server 2016 (SVR2016-02jdeployment.com).We have now, successfully upgraded the Active Directory to Windows Server 2016.

Also you may want to check some helpful information from Tech Net about Windows Server Installation and Upgrade Upgrading to Windows Server 2016 For details, including important caveats and limitations on upgrade, license conversion between editions of Windows Server 2016, and conversion of evaluation editions to retail, see Supported Upgrade Paths for Windows Server 2016.Make sure you have backups of every AD Database (from each DC). If the LDIF file doesn't pass syntax (say you BSOD in the middle of an update), then it will not be loaded. I've never seen a schema update (so long as it's done properly) go wrong.MS really seem to have pulled out all the stops in making this a solid and reliable process, and it shows.Next we’ll transfer the Domain naming master, launch the Active Directory Domains and Trusts.