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23-Feb-2017 04:55

updating an xbox-40

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Once that takes place i'll probably move everything of mine over to the new upgrade. More than 5 hours played and 1 DLC bought and can't update.

It's going to be hard pressed to make it as good as the original xbox version was but I will give them benefit of the doubt. I spent over 40 minutes with support this morning and they were no help at all.

Yet most people who have the dang digital copy have the game no problem.. @grimshadwz I have been in contact with Microsoft and gotten the same runaround as you. They didn't even tell me if it was a known issue and they're working on it. Lately I've just been checking in the store and the ready to install section with Rocket League in my system instead of the Minecraft disc.

Wouldn't think that would make a difference, but you never know.

All in all, I'm happy to have it and I am still playing. I messaged them again yesterday and they said it is something they're aware of and are actively working to fix.

You can also end up getting hurt when running and jumping off of a one block drop. Also the Battlefront II Beta is pretty decent if you want something different to play in the meantime. Mines still saying the same as yours was so perhaps they are still working on it like you stated.

Does anyone know why I can't update my minecraft to the better together update??

updating an xbox-50

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I got on my xbox last night and it was not in the ready to install section.

I will say if i don't get it my business with the whole Minecraft thing will be null an void cause i'm not spending another penny on the game until they do what they said their going to do until then i'll spend my money else where.