Updating datetime field sql

23-Jun-2017 05:20

I have tried the parameters that both of you wrote but I did not get the errors that you got.

I do not get an error on 1/1/1900 and I do not get an error if I set both UICulture and Culture to en-GB.

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Error updating a Date Time field Hi, I'm having trouble updating a Date Time field in my SQL database. I retrieve the existing value in the Date Time field (usually a bum date like 1/1/1900 :00), then put it in a variable. There is a ton more than this but here are the relevant&nb... When an insert is done, the information captured into the database is of the format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss. To release a new buggy version every two weeks is not very professional.

Later, depending on some conditions, I'll either update the Date Time field to today's date (which works great) or set it back equal to the existing value from the variable (this one messes up and says "Sql Date Time overflow. Details View Hi, I'm having issues updating a Date Time Field in a Details View that is bound to a Sql Data Source. However, as soon as I try to update, I get "Input string was not in correct format". Thanks Phillip Williams, have it just like in th...problem updating datetime field to SQL HI I have a problem with this sql update: sql = "UPDATE Table1 SET remove=1, removaldate='" & Date Time. How do I strip the time portion and save only the date part into the database ? Test your software before the release and let the user download a stable browser.

I already tried hooking up to the Details View Updating event and parse the value in the field to a Date Time and store it back in the New Values table.. Now & "' " & _ " WHERE username='" & Session("username") & "'" comandosql = New Sql Command(sql, conn) Try comandosql. I'm using a formview, sqldatasource controls for this web page. this update-orgy since 2.0.0 used me to use Opera instead of FF.

For instance to get the date portion only: SELECT convert(char(8), datetimecol, 112) FROM tbl -- Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, es****@Books Online for SQL Server SP3 at question was about updating.

We've got lots of great SQL Server experts to answer whatever question you can come up with. and wheather its selection is logically correcti am getting answer is Apr 7 2006 PMwhich is logicaaly wrong :( :(pls help me out with solution T. A hi.i checked for thisinsert into emp(id,date_t) values(72,'04/07/2006 .123456')insert into emp(id,date_t) values(52,'04/07/2006 .123456')insert into emp(id) values(22) ---default is getdate()-- value Apr 7 2006 PMi am getting answer is Apr 7 2006 PMwhich is logicaaly wrong :( :(T.

Any help in this regard would be more then welcome.

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