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12-Jul-2017 03:45

It takes a while for major software like GCC to make it through a distribution's build and QA process.

So if you absolutely must have GCC 4.8.1 now (which seems unlikely given the age of your distribution), then you'll probably either have to find a third-party package or build it from source yourself.

I volunteered to perform the upgrade remotely - the server is in California and I am in England - using Yum, the package manager that ships with Fedora Core.

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For this example gkrellm was used (Which, by the way is a good tool to be able to watch your cpu, memory and such usage).These repositories contain additional software and drivers.For example, the livna repository contains things like: To install these repositories, you simply run the following commands : A piece of software that makes it very simple to update, install and remove software is Yum Extender which is known as yumex.You can simply download the and files and place them in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory, as the Aarnet mirror has already been configured.

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For Australian Access Grids, it is recommended to use the Aarnet Fedora Mirror.

It is basically a graphical user interface for yum.

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