Updating linked tables in ms access

25-Mar-2017 10:08

We just experienced major ODBC errors with our front-end MS Access 20 solutions and the problem began when Microsoft pushed several security updates to our PCs.We eventually discovered that the problem was caused by the KB2820197 update and everything began to work properly after we uninstalled this update from several PC systems.One thing I don't understand is why running a Crystal Report against an AS400 database is slow, but running the same Crystal Report against Access tables that are linked to the same AS400 database is lightning fast.

Unfortunately, our IT Help Desk has not been very helpful because they claim we are using an "unsupported solution". Sure enough, Microsoft again pushed the same security update to several of our PCs at my office and then the update queries in MS Access to the linked SQL Server tables and the Oracle tables fails again.

My question is: How can I have a form that is built on a multi join table query that allows a ...

I'm trying to set up an automated procedure that runs a Crystal report against an Access database.

Use the following procedure to view links or to refresh them when the structures of the linked tables have changed.

You can make some changes to the definitions of linked tables to customize them for use in your Access 2010 environment.

To use this handy utility, open the database that contains linked tables that you need to relink, and on the External Data tab, in the Import & Link group, click the Linked Table Manager command.

I'm trying to set up an automated procedure that runs a Crystal report against an Access database. The tables in Access are ODBC linked to an AS400 database. I need the linked tables to refresh when Access opens the database. Is there a script, macro, or command line option I can use to do this? Thanks.… continue reading »

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I'm using the "Linked Table Manger" to update these tables; is it possible to do this programmatically using VBA. John Hawkins 20/9/99 'via database.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/access-l/how-to-programme-the-linked-table-manager-using-vba-in-ms-access-5185870 'Syntax.… continue reading »

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Update Query Option when Designing Queries in MS Access 20. Update Queries let you modify the values of a field or fields in a table. You can specify the records to modify by applying a filter WHERE clause and linking the table to other tables and queries. The updated value can be The same value for all.… continue reading »

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Updating via Form to linked tables - Microsoft Access. I have a set of linked tables To Oracle DB that I need to update via a form. Up to now, I have had pretty straightforward forms that basically relate to one table. I now have a situation where I've created a form based on a multi-table query in which I need to update some.… continue reading »

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May 2, 2008. In a previous tip we saw how easy it was to link to SQL Server tables from Microsoft Access. You will receive a notification that all tables were successfully updated. Now, if we are to look at the linked table in Design Mode within Access you will see the two new columns we added in SQL Server.… continue reading »

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