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10-Feb-2017 17:20

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When referring to the firmware on the system board of the server, it is called the System ROM or the BIOS. Firmware is responsible for the behavior of the system when it is first switched on and for passing control of the server to the operating system.The ROM Update Utility is located on the Firmware Maintenance CD, or can be downloaded to a USB Drive Key using the HPE Drive Key Boot Utility.

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The Smart Component updates the firmware and configures the system so that the new settings will take effect on the next reboot.HPE has developed several methods for updating the firmware in a Pro Liant server and makes it easy to do so.HPE ISS Engineering emphasizes the importance of regular firmware updates to ensure that a Pro Liant server is running optimally, making the system and its data less vulnerable to critical hardware and software events. Updating Firmware Using The Offline ROM Flash Method Updating Firmware Using the Online ROM Flash Method The HPE Drive Key Boot Utility Using the ROM-Based Setup Utiltiy Downloading System Rom Paq files Firmware is a software program that is stored in Read-Only Memory (ROM) chip on the system board or on an add-on controller.

When referring to the firmware on another piece of hardware configured in the server, it is called the Option ROM.Based on the HPE Pro Liant product return rates, approximately 30 to 35 percent of all returned hardware products were functioning properly and only needed a firmware update.Although not all products fall into this category, server downtime and time spent removing, returning, and ultimately replacing hardware may have been avoided if an attempt had been made to flash the firmware during the troubleshooting process.In addition, when upgrading remotely, the server administrator can only update one server at a time.

Sep 25, 2015. I have a Ainol Novo7 Aurora II tablet with Android 4.0.4 installed with a custom ROM Feiyu 20121105 installed. As it has a custom ROM, I cannot get a.… continue reading »

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Jan 12, 2012. Remember this The phone or tablet you purchased is yours. It does not belong to the carrier that you bought it from despite the fact that the device is emblazoned with its corporate identity, logo or splash screen. Updating the ROM in Your Mobile Device. This outright ownership you have in the device.… continue reading »

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Aug 17, 2012. If you're running the ROM that came on your phone you've probably seen at least one update come over-the-air or OTA. These updates are built, tested, refined, packaged, and eventually pushed to your smartphone or tablet by the device's manufacturer. Sometimes updates come quickly, other times they.… continue reading »

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Mar 30, 2016. A simple tutorial showing you how to update a custom ROM! how to update any android custom rom such as cyanogenmod dirty unicorns or darkobas for oneplus one.… continue reading »

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