Updating transas navisailor 3000 charts

22-Aug-2017 23:16

updating transas navisailor 3000 charts-74

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Similarly Furuno do not produce charts – they use different types of charts produced by C-Map, Navionics, ENCs etc.

Otherwise what Anshuman says is true, IMO only recognizes ENCs for ECDIS.

The timetable is (all July)-New passenger and tankers - 2012New cargo more than 10,000 GT - 2013New cargo more than 3,000, old passenger - 2014old tankers more than 3000 - 2015old cargo more than 50,00 GT - 2016old cargo more than 20,000 - 2017Old cargo more than 10,000 - 2018What this means is that a 2500 teu brand new container ship built today need not have an ecdis upto 2017 - that's a good 8 years and 2 computers away! Your 1 GB hard drive was considered state of art... More importantly, try running a large program on a 5 year old computer?

Someone might ask, How come a blog on such an uncommon subject?

You could get any ecdis software and load ENC's on it.

The company matters only as far as the operator friendliness of the interface is concerned (Or should that have been "unfriendliness" ?!

————————————————Myth 2 - every ship will have ecdis by 2018Reality - ships which will be scrapped within 2 yrs of the implementation date are exempted (good ole grandfather clause! In other words, a 1995 built cargo ship can be scrapped in 2018 without ever having to fit an ecdis.———————————————— ————————————————Myth 3 - We have raster charts so we have an ecdis. Reality - Sorry guys, but IMO believes it is an ecdis only if you have official vector charts (you know - those electronic charts with weird numbers like FR136870) also known as ENC's.

Your raster chart is good, but not good enough to be called an Ecdis.————————————————Myth 4 - Let's fit a Transas (substitute that for any private chart manufacturer of your choice...————————————————Myth 5 - let us fit our ecdis now - that way we will be prepared when it becomes mandatory. Reality - Much as this reminds me of Scrooge (may Charles Dicken's soul rest in peace), it is well worth the moolah to spend on a good robust computer, a technician who does not leave a web of wires, an electronic charting software, and private vector charts and allow your seafarers to get familiar with all aspects of ecdis. This comes only after someone knowledgeable shows them what they can do - something possible only through training (the usual mariner fear psychosis - why try anything new when the present system is running well. ————————————————————————————————Myth 7 - We train our seafarers in ecdis by delivering excellent 40 hours of theory and working on one ecdis set. Reality - There is only one way of learning ecdis - by working on it with one's bare hands.Reality - that "state of the art" computer you fit today will be useless 5 years later when ecdis really becomes mandatory for your ship (Moore’s law). In other words, you anyway would buy a new ecdis.————————————————Myth 6 - Train my men in ecdis? The last time the previous 2nd mate tried to change ecdis settings, the damn thing froze....)After all, mariners will be making multi million dollar decisions based on information they get from the ecdis. Any training that does not let each seafarer work independently on ecdis (1 to 1 ratio) is money down the drain.On top of that the S-57 ENC version 3.1 is frozen since 2000.