Validating rss feed

04-Feb-2018 17:55

To my surprise, Info Path does not let you select the Attachments field to apply rules, making it a challenge apply validation on attachment fields.

However, you’ll still run into the occasional roadblock while working with Info Path forms. The issue was being able to apply validation rules to the attachments field.

Since I use IData Error Info for my validation and like to expose the entire Model to the View from my View Model, this presents a problem.

Using the above example, I could bind a Text Box to Selected User.

This validator is an attempt to codify the specification (literally, to translate it into code) to make it easier to know when you're producing RSS correctly, and to help you fix it when you're not.

validating rss feed-19

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NOTE: To get to the ‘:attachments URL’ field you need to create the validation make sure you go into Advanced View of the fields.In my case, I needed to make sure there was at least one attachement.So, I counted the :attachment URL instances and checked if there were more than 0.Also, if you go into the advanced view and select the repeating ‘:attachment URL’ field inside of the Attachments group and apply formatting to that field it just doesn’t work. Now, given one of the major advantages of using Info Path in the first place is not having to use any code behind, I didn’t want to have to add custom code to my form.

My solution involves 3 steps: 1.) Create a field in addition to the attachments field.

Then set the default text to ‘Attachments:’ 3.) Finally, lets apply some validation to this field.