Validating system model

17-May-2017 21:07

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The best way to validate a model is to experiment with the model under real-world conditions.

If the model works as you expect, the model estimation is successful.

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The SI Model Simulation VI determines the outputs of a system for given inputs.Model estimation does not determine if the model provides the most accurate description of the system.After you obtain a model, you must validate the model to determine how well the behavior of the model corresponds to the data you measured, to any prior knowledge of the system, and to the purpose for which you use the model.Therefore, before you incorporate the model into real-world applications, validate the model by using plots and common sense or by using statistical tests on the prediction error.

Abstract. This paper proposed a systematic approach to select a mathematical model for an industrial heating system by adopting system identification techniques with the aim of fulfilling the design requirement for the controller. The model identification process will begin by collecting real measurement data samples with.… continue reading »

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