Vb net gridview rowupdating event

16-May-2017 10:16

Binding a Grid View control can sometimes get tricky when using the Visual Studio editor, especially when working with Drop Down List controls within the grid.

Today I was working on getting a row of the Grid View control to save the contents of a Drop Down List, and needed to add some custom code to set values passed to the Sql Data Source control on the update event.

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Trim() & "'", Conn) ' where cinvnum='" & grv Sample. I'd like to know if there are any other ways to retrieve the new values? There must be something fundamentally wrong that some of us are doing that is causing this and the fact that it's not happening to others, and they don't know the solution. this only works when the databind happends after the updating. My suggestion to you would be to either subclass gridview, and expose the Extract Row Values though a public method or stick everything you need in Data Keynames.How do I grab the new values from these textboxes and proceed further?

The following code runs successfully with no errors, but I still don't get the new data from the grid, by adding a break point, and stepping forward, the data in the variables are the original data, not the updated data, what am I missing? Find Control("txt Expiry"), Text Box) Dim type As Text Box = Direct Cast(row.

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