Vb net publish version not updating

05-Nov-2017 23:22

This strategy works best for high-bandwidth network connections; the delay in starting the application may be unacceptably long over low-bandwidth connections.

To enable this update strategy, click Before the application starts in the Choose when the application should check for updates section of the Application Updates dialog box.

vb net publish version not updating-76

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This is the same as setting the maximum Age and unit attributes of the Update element in the deployment manifest.Then specify an update interval in the section Specify how frequently the application should check for updates.This is the same as changing the Update element in the deployment manifest as follows: The default strategy is to try to locate and read the deployment manifest file before the application starts.When the mandatory update is detected on startup, the user must either accept the update or close the application.

To mark an update as required, click Specify a minimum required version for this application in the Application Updates dialog box, and then specify the publish version (Major, Minor, Build, Revision), which specifies the lowest version number of the application that can be installed.This is the same as setting the minimum Required Version attribute of the Deployment element in the deployment manifest; for example: You can also specify how often the application checks for updates.To do this, specify that the application check for updates after startup as described in "Checking for Updates After Application Startup" earlier in this topic.However, if the update is required, the application will not run again until the user accepts the higher trust level.

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